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Showbox for iPhone

Can’t find an exact source to download Showbox for iPhone? Same happened with me at the beginning of my search for Showbox. Is it that hard to get this application to your Apple iPhone? Or first of all, is it possible to get it on an iPhone? To get answers to these questions, follow my post.
Of course, it’s not at all tough to fetch the Showbox on iPhone 6S Plus, 6, 7, 7 Plus, 5 or any version of mobile. But with one little change, the Showbox iPhone application will be installed on your iPhone as Movie Box. Yeah, that’s right. Don’t think that I’m misleading you.
The thing is that Show Box is the name you’ll find on Android, but you can also call it Show Box on iOS too. The only difference is, Movie Box is the name you’ll see in iOS.
showbox for iphone
So you got the answers for most frequently asked questions. Now we’ll head towards how to get Showbox for Apple iPhone on versions like iOS 10, 9.4, 9, 8, 7 and any.

Showbox for iPhone 6 or 6S Plus, 7 Download

As you can’t find the Show Box iOS app on App Store, you need to follow these steps to install Showbox for iPhone. Here I’ll show you two working procedures, both of them do not need Jailbreak of your mobile.
One is using PC, and another one is without using PC.
  • For Both PC and non-PC users: I suggest you try the second technique first. If that work well for you, it is fine. In case if you get any errors with that method, then check out the first one if you have a laptop. Even if you don’t own a laptop, no worries. You can perform it on your colleague or friend’s computer also.
Method #1:
This is a simple process and doesn’t need to Jailbreak your iPhone. We’re going to use the vShare freeware here.
You need to perform some part of this process on Windows PC. So, here I’m making clear the requirements to you.
Note: So many websites have been claiming that you can directly install vShare on your iPhone, but it’s not possible. You need to get it on PC first. Follow this post.
Here are the requirements:
  1. Windows PC
  2. iPhone or iPad
  3. USB Cable
  4. And yes, the Internet connection.
You can’t do this on Mac PC. So, only Windows laptop users are going to get this. If you don’t have one, no problem. You can do this from your friend’s laptop too. I’ve also arranged the images for doing the steps precisely, so here it goes.
1) For getting this Showbox movies app, one needs to install vShare software on your PC. Open the browser on your laptop and visit vshare.com to download the software.
2) Once you do that, it’ll automatically start downloading and will be finished in few minutes.
3) Now, install the freeware on your Windows.
showbox iphone 7 plus
showbox ios
4) After installing, connect your iPhone to PC and “Trust this Computer.” By doing that, you’ll see something like this.
showbox on iphne 6 plus
5) Now, the iOS version of the vShare app will automatically install on your iPhone.
6) Open vShare on iPhone now and search for “Movie Box.” Install the app.
7) Now, go to Settings -> General -> Device Management. Choose the ENTERPRISE APP.
8) When you click on it, it asks you “Trust” or “Cancel.” Just hit Trust.
showbox without jailbreak
9) Movie Box will be added to your menu of applications. Now you can watch anything you want on Showbox aka Movie Box.
That’s how you get Movie Box or 2017 Showbox for iPhone 6, 7, 5 or other models without Jailbreak. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Method #2 to Get Showbox
  • Firstly, go to this URL on your iPhone -> iinstaller.net.
  • Click on the yellowish “Install onto your iDeivce” button.
  • It’ll display a window like this, tap on “Install” and enter the Passcode.
  • Click once again on Install. The profile will be installed.
  • Open Emus4u, find Movie Box and click on “Install.”
  • You need to trust this application like this. Go to Settings > General > Device Management. Chose the ENTERPRISE APP and hit TRUST.
  • Now open the app and enjoy.
These two methods I’ve given here will work to get Showbox on iPhone without Jailbreak. Share my post in your circles and leave your comments (queries, suggestions) in below box.

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