Sunday, February 5, 2017

[HOT] 👉 iPhone 7 7 + 8 8+ X Xr Xs Max 🔥

* This service is for USA customers only *

Needs approval before you place your order

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Automatically Qualify For this Service - place your order
iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Automatically Qualify For this Service - place your order
iPhone X Models Automatically Qualify For this Service - place your order


AT&T / Cricket / MetroPCS / T-Mobile / Sprint / Verizon / Bell / Fido / Rogers / All Other  (+All iPhones Under U.S. Prepaid Companies)



iPhone Swap

This is a iPhone replacement service where you trade in your old iPhone and we replace it with a new one (same model, same carrier).

The process is very simple, your ESN/IMEI status does not matter whether it is good/bad.
You provide us your IMEI (dial *#06#).
Once we verify your eligibilty, we send you shipping instructions.
You ship out your old device and we replace it for a brand new one.
The device you receive will match the exact model, carrier, storage size, and color of your old one.
You will have a new clean Serial/IMEI number on the new iPhone.

*Please Note: We only send out the new device, it does not come with any accessories*

Eligibility Requirements:
  • NO Apple ID
  • NO Major Physical Damage (Water Damage, Cracked Glass, Bent Frame)
  • NO Previous Repairs done outside of the Apple Store
  • iPhone ONLY (No iPad, Macbook, etc.)
  • Must be under Apple Care Warranty for at least a week from the time we receive the phone
Note: Make sure to fully back up all of your information before sending in your phone. We are NOT responsible for any loss of data. 

    Replacement phone arrives to you 2-3 weeks when meeting the requirements listed. Rare delays occur if device does not match requirements and will be returned back to you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

    Once you receive your New Replacement device, please insert your previous sim card into the device and your new phone should be activated again with your existing number. Some carriers may require you to call in to reactivate phone or you may be able to set it up online.

    Please do not send any accessories or SIM card. Only send us the iPhone.

    Please remember to turn off Find My iPhone or iCloud for swap process to work.

Remember we ship to the return address that's listed on your paypal account.
Please make sure your address information is up to date to avoid any shipping problems.

For People who are local, you can drop your iPhones at our location. 

San Bernardino,Ca 

If you're out of state you can ship your iPhone to us


Any questions? feel free to ask !!
Send me a message

 (909) 258-4467 

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