Tuesday, December 24, 2013

LG myTouch Q (C800) Stuck on LG Logo Fix Solution !

I was trying to Install CWM recovery on my LG myTouch Q (C800), for some reason when I clicked on Reboot into Recovery .. It got stuck on the Lg Logo .. I was terrified .. I tried about everything from trying to Master reset , using the External Keys . 

Phone is turned off, press and hold the Power/Lock + Volume Down + Qwerty F + Qwerty A Keys at the same time (for over ten seconds).
Press and hold the following keys at the same time for 15 seconds: Power/Lock Key + Volume Down Key.

Nothing -____- .. 

I searched every forum . I google about anything that related to stuck on Lg logo Mytouch q c800 fix repair .. but it seemed as everyone else had the same issue just not the solution. After messing around and searching endless options (2hrs) .. I remembered that if the phone was able to go into download mode/S/W Upgrade mode .. than its possible to restore the phone or do a recovery with Lg Mobile tool.

** Ive seen people post that even though the phone is stuck on Lg logo .. Battery is still being charged when plugged in. ***

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Samsung galaxy s3 Root & Flash !!

For support
Please visit or install the Z4cell App (make sure you have unknown sources checked to install app)

Find Rooting and Flashing Info there.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Jailbreak !!

Compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2

Click on the Image to be redirected to the official website and download links !!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Verizon Nokia Lumia 822

I bought this Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 a couple of days ago, taking the risk of maybe having a paper weight. Phone had a good ESN, but then realize it was also a Global phone. I didn't think it would be factory unlocked. I tested out my Telcel America (TMobile MVNO) Sim card and it worked fine , talk text but no web or mms, and sometimes for some reason texting wouldn't work. 

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