Monday, August 13, 2012

Metro Pcs Data Guide

Metro Pcs Data Flash

Files Needed 
Your phone with basic flash - talk & text on metro pcs.
QPST -any version would do I use Qpst 2.7 Build 366
Metro Pcs PRL - PRL download
Your Phones Drivers ( google them ) 
Usb/Data cable

Open QPST Configuration, If your phone its not displayed , click on "Add Port ". 

Once added , it will Display ( Example - Com 3 - Enable SURF6500-ZRXXXX )

Now Go to Start Clients & Click on 
Service Programming
select your Phone and press OK. Once connected, Read from Phone and enter you phones SPC code Should be defaulted to 000000 . To get your MSL code go here MSL Converter and enter your MEID or ESN and click "Convert".
Scroll down and will it will display your MetroPCS SPC/MSL, you will need this so write it down or save it .

Navigate to the M.IP tab.

Data Profile:
  • Active Profile: 1 (Mines is 1, but it depends on which profile is set up on your phone for MetroPCS)
  • User Name: (your10digitPhone#)
  • SPI MN-HA: 1234
  • SPI MN-AAA: 1234
  • Reverse Tunnel Preferred: Enable
  • Home IP Address:
  • Primary Home Agent: or
  • Second Home Agent: or
  • HA Shared Secret: ****** (MetroPCS MSL Code)
  • AAA Shared Secret: ****** (MetroPCS MSL Code)
 Press ok and proceed 
Go To the PPP Config Tab go to UM Section
  Now for 
Tethered Nai and User ID  
For you password (MetroPCS MSL) enter into your password box. 
One You Have finished in the UM Section of the PPP Config tab go to the AN Tab

Now for User ID  
 For you password (MetroPCS MSL) enter into your password box.
 One Finished Hit Write to Phone. Your phone will reboot after its done. If You Get an Error don't worry just ignore it and reboot your phone. Phone should now have 3g or 1x data .
MetroPCS MMS APN Settings Guide:

Download APN Manager from the Android Market.
Create a new APN and enter these settings:

    APN: internet
    Port: 3128
    Password: MSL code*
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 3128
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 004
    APN Type: MMS

Download Any Cut from the Android Market, then create an activity, apns on your homescreen.
Open apns choose MetroPCS and edit then authentication type to pap or chap. If no APN exists create a new one and fill it in with the info above.

All information is gathered from all forums and different sites , much thanks to those who helped by providing information on how to add data on flashed metro pcs handsets . I made this short guide to help those in need of getting data , we all know were going through some hard times with this economy .

If you would like to donate - =] a quarter would be more than greatful .

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